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Standard Bags

Arm & Hammer standard bags capture 99% of dust mites, grass and ragweed pollens.


Premium Bags

ARM & HAMMER premium allergen vacuum bags retain up to 100% of dust mite debris, household fibers, grass and ragweed pollens plus particles 15 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair.


Pet Fresh Bags

ARM & HAMMER Pet Fresh products deliver real freshness, not just a cover up. Each bag contains twice the amount of the deodorizing formula found in all ARM & HAMMER dust bags.


Standard Filters

Arm & Hammer standard filters trap up to 99% of particles up to 1 micron in size including allergy causing agents such as pollens, dust and bacteria.


Hepa Filters

Designed according to strict HEPA standards, the media in this filter traps particles 75 times smaller than a human hair. This includes 99.97% of dust mite debris, animal dander, molds and pollen.

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